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Optimist Club Members
receive as much as they give:

  • The fellowship of people who get things done—and the example they set for embracing a similar optimistic mindset

  • New social and working relationships with individuals from a cross section of our community

  • The opportunity to develop and demonstrate leadership skills locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally

• And the satisfaction of making a difference in lives of the children in our community.

Whether you are searching for an outlet to help your community, personal development, or rewarding camaraderie, you’ll find what you’re
looking for in your local Optimist Club.




The Optimist Club of Ilderton values our wonderful student volunteers and realize we could not possibly accomplish as much as we do without their help.

In exchange for their efforts, we offer many fun opportunities for students to gain their Community Involvement high school graduation requirements while learning a valuable lesson in improving our community through donating their time and efforts to others.

We offer many choices of volunteer work including but not at all limited to:  refereeing the Street Hockey Tournament; painting faces and helping with crafts at the Santa's Breakfast; roadside clean up; Easter Eggs Hunt; working at a concession stand; distributing flyers, etc. etc.  In fact, the choices of volunteer service are limited only by one's imagination. 

We invite all students interested in volunteering to contact us and we welcome their ideas and suggestions of how they wish to donate their time.


​We welcome all donations, both large and small as our total operating budget comes solely from fundraising. When you make a donation to the Optimist Club of Ilderton, you can be certain that 100% of your money will be spent improving the lives of the children within our community.

As well, Individuals can show their support of Optimist International by becoming Friends of Optimists. A Friend of Optimists may be someone who wishes to contribute but may not have time to dedicate to a local Optimist Club.

Due to Covid, we have been limited in our fundraising efforts, but hope to be back at it soon with our usual projects.

To learn more about becoming a Friend of Optimist, contact us.





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